"Art for me is a place that I go to be lost in a world of dreams. My mind falls deep into the scene where my ego thoughts cannot go and my imagination runs free. Time stands still for I feel the letting go to a place that I belong"                                                                                                     David Maclean

It has been said that you either become an artist, or you are born one. David Maclean was born one. David, a digital artist for the past 15 years, and a traditional artist for the 25 years previous to that ( paint and brush on an easel ), currently lives among the vineyards and orchards with his wife of over 30 years, Maryse, and they have 3 grown children. David is represented by one of the worlds leading art licensing agencies (based in London, England), and has quickly become one of the most requested artists over the past year. His artwork can now be found all over the world. David’s mother shares a vivid memory of picking him up after his first day of school, only to take him directly to an art supply store. She had seen what he’d created in class, all bright-eyed and proud, and knew she must help him pursue his talent. Ask her and she will say, “This was his destiny, he was an artist.” And so it was.